Monday, December 12, 2011

Something weird about me:  I like to eat hot chocolate.....right out of the package, with a spoon.  No water needed!  Learned that one from my brother Josh.

We had a moose roast tonight.  Not as good as I remember, but then again, my dad makes it super amazing and well, I just am not as talented.  It still tasted pretty yummy.  So guess I'll be sticking to chicken.  We have a salmon fillet my parents sent to us as well, which means I'll need to find a good recipe for that one as well.

Ah, life.  Life is good.  For the most part.  It's nice that Nick is done with the semester, and we've been able to spend a few days together.  I still get bored as heck though.  I'm trying to find things to occupy myself.  But it's hard because little things tend to get in the way, namely Tristan.  He's soo dang needy!  I guess most babies are.  He used to be content just to roll around and play by himself, but I think he's starting to develop some separation anxiety.  If he can't see me, or if I'm not holding him when he wants, he freaks out!  Maybe it'll get better as he gets older and is able to move around more.  He seems to want to go everywhere and touch everything, but can't really.  He scoots backwards on his head (has a nice bald spot), but still hasn't quite figured out crawling.  We're working on it.  He's a pro at rolling however, I have to watch him carefully, and baby proof my house.  Found him chewing on a power cable the other day.  Yikes!

Church is getting better too, now that I'm getting to know some of the people in the ward.  Tristan can be a a great friend magnet.  Everyone wants to hold him and talk about him.  Which works out until he has a melt down, haha, then I'm back in the hallway.  Anyhow, it's nice to be able to have adult conversations every once in a while.  Nick and I are pretty excited, we get to go to our real ward over the Christmas break.  It'll be nice to associate with some other married people.  Maybe I can make some friends and put an end to this pathetic homebody streak.

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  1. Salmon... so very easy to make... a bit of oil in the pan and Lemon-Pepper seasoning. We like LOTS! Cook on one side, flip, cook, flip, cook, flip (we like to cook a bit longer 'cause the kids LOVE the crispy part) and that's it. Very easy. (I tried to bake it in the oven, but it turned out dry... ICK!)
    LOVE YA!


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