Friday, January 6, 2012

One more

Just a reminder to everyone!  My blog has moved, please feel free to check it out, follow, comment, whatever!  I love feedback and knowing I have readers still!  Thanks!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Post

Almost a year ago, I started this blog to vent my feelings, ramble, post pictures of Tristan for the family.  I've had a lot of fun doing it.  But, alas, I am very long winded and I love to take pictures, so I've run out of space.  So I have created another blog to continue my ramblings, pictures, and so forth.  Thank you all for reading!!  I will have the details of our Virginia trip up very soon.

It's been a good year, look forward to seeing you all in my new blog!  Happy New Year!!!

New Years Dinner (compliments of Chef Sara) Szechwan breaded chicken and rice, with zucchini and mushrooms in a garlic ginger sauce.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Vacation!

heading to Virginia in a couple hours!  Yeay for Christmas time and family!  Before we go, I thought I would post a couple cute pictures of my baby for you all to enjoy.

Mmmm, french toast, how I miss you

I made Cami breadsticks

They tasted oh so good

What are you looking at?

Loving the little elephant

My babies fighting over me

Oops, I think I spilled

Friday, December 16, 2011

Little babies are the cutest

Sorry, been a little busy lately.  Thought I'd do a quick update.

Last weekend Nick's single's ward had their Christmas party.  So we got to spend Saturday night up at the BYU owned cabin, and it was amazing!  Minus the hour it took to get there through Spooky Hollow roads haha.  I decided that's what I want my house to look like some day.  Huge stone archways, bridges in the house, double sided fireplace, log walls.  It was beautiful.  We ended up staying super later because Nick wanted to play vollyball with some of  the guys.  But it was ok, Tristan and I hung out with one of the girls watching "Cats Don't dance" on the HUGE TV.

Then the other day I decided to be ambitious and make a pizza from scratch.  We didn't have too much to work with, but I made due with Mexican blend cheese and mushrooms.  It looked pretty at least!  Nick told me he liked it, but I can always tell if he really does when he goes back for seconds.  One plate was enough.  Meh, better luck next time.  One thing I did succeed on was mini Turkey quesadillas, Nick asked for those two days in a row.

And last night we had a get together at Justin and Cami's house as a farewell party for Karl and Amber.  Yeah, still pretty depressed about that.  It was a good party though!  Cami made lasagna and breadsticks for dinner, which I guess tasted super yummy.  Nick made Amber eat a third breadstick so he didn't feel guilty doing the same.  Then he asked Cami for the recipe and told me I should make them.  Haha, it was funny.  And I made cookies, which is my favorite thing to do.  I used to occasion as an excuse to finally buy molasses to make molasses cookies.  Not the kind my family makes, but they were more like ginger snaps….or I should say clove snaps…..I'm not a huge fan of a lot of ginger.  And I also made chocolate chip cookies with a snickerdoodle recipe.  After dinner, we played a game called "Like Wise".  Nick and I cracked up when we both put down Bob Harper for one answer, and then Stacy and Clinton for another.  I think that showed we watch a little too much reality TV together, hahaha.  What's the most beautiful piece of gym equipment you can think of?  BOB HARPER! Then we amused ourselves taking pictures of our silly  babies.  Christine kept trying to knock Tristan over and grab his face, which he didn't like too much so he pulled her hair….all the while Isaac watched intently.

And today was a lazy day.  Pretty much Tristan and I played toys all day, while Nick took his final and then went fishing with an old buddy from school.  Oh, and I called the airlines today to get permission to bring my blender as carryon baggage.  Haha, well, last two times we went to Virginia without it was terrible!  I hate starving, so this year, I'm bringing it with me and I am going to dine with everyone else!

Tristan is doing great.  Minus the not sleeping through the night anymore…..have no idea what that's about.  He is eating solid food at least three times a day, and loving it!  His favorite is still sweet potatoes, and he likes to get it everywhere.  His neck is doing good too, or at least I think it is.  We're still going to go up to Primary's though, just for the consult and second opinion if nothing else.  But all in all, he is a sweet and chatty boy.  He's really gotten into talking a lot the last little bit.  And sometimes, if I'm lucky, he's even cuddly.  I had a little fun tonight playing with his hair, haha.  

It's funny, a year ago we were all playing games together, laughing about how crazy it was that three friends from Virginia were all out at BYU going to school, and married with pregnant wives.  Now we have cute little babies, all born with in 2 months of each other.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Missing my CMA days

This was the first year that Nick and I didn't go to the Grandview Christmas party…..and it's a little sad.
It had become kind of one of our Christmas traditions, almost like going to spend time with family.  Mama and Papa Savage, haha.  I really did miss it.  Nick always looked forward to dodgeball, and well, even though some of the gifts were a little silly, I always liked the white elephant exchange.  I had also  been looking forward to Tristan getting to sit on Santa's lap.

I am going to go back to work someday guaranteed, as soon as Tristan starts school, but I had something at Grandview I'm never going to find again.  When I was hired, Shelly said to me, "this is a family practice, and I want us to feel like a family".  And to me, it did.  I'm pretty confident that I was the only employee (at the time) who had been hired out of the blue, not knowing anybody.  But even still, I'd never felt more at home at work.  And I miss it, I miss it a great deal.  Working that night shift alone was hard, very hard, but it taught me a lot, and I did enjoy it.  When I heard that Ashley was going back, I got a little jealous, haha.

Oh well, life is about change and moving forward.  But I don't think I will ever have as good of an experience working as I did at Grandview.  I mean, really, how many people can say their boss delivered their baby?

In MA school, practicing on eachother

My first time ever drawing blood


We were so proud of ourselves

Me and Nick at the ugly sweater Grandview Party a few years back

My last day of work

Monday, December 12, 2011

Something weird about me:  I like to eat hot chocolate.....right out of the package, with a spoon.  No water needed!  Learned that one from my brother Josh.

We had a moose roast tonight.  Not as good as I remember, but then again, my dad makes it super amazing and well, I just am not as talented.  It still tasted pretty yummy.  So guess I'll be sticking to chicken.  We have a salmon fillet my parents sent to us as well, which means I'll need to find a good recipe for that one as well.

Ah, life.  Life is good.  For the most part.  It's nice that Nick is done with the semester, and we've been able to spend a few days together.  I still get bored as heck though.  I'm trying to find things to occupy myself.  But it's hard because little things tend to get in the way, namely Tristan.  He's soo dang needy!  I guess most babies are.  He used to be content just to roll around and play by himself, but I think he's starting to develop some separation anxiety.  If he can't see me, or if I'm not holding him when he wants, he freaks out!  Maybe it'll get better as he gets older and is able to move around more.  He seems to want to go everywhere and touch everything, but can't really.  He scoots backwards on his head (has a nice bald spot), but still hasn't quite figured out crawling.  We're working on it.  He's a pro at rolling however, I have to watch him carefully, and baby proof my house.  Found him chewing on a power cable the other day.  Yikes!

Church is getting better too, now that I'm getting to know some of the people in the ward.  Tristan can be a a great friend magnet.  Everyone wants to hold him and talk about him.  Which works out until he has a melt down, haha, then I'm back in the hallway.  Anyhow, it's nice to be able to have adult conversations every once in a while.  Nick and I are pretty excited, we get to go to our real ward over the Christmas break.  It'll be nice to associate with some other married people.  Maybe I can make some friends and put an end to this pathetic homebody streak.