Thursday, March 31, 2011

A couple things I've decided

Mmmmmmm...nothing like a bowl of cardboard to get you started in the morning.  I was at walmart perusing the cereal isle (about the only thing I can eat not blended). And I saw this deceptively tasty looking box of Fiber Plus Cinnamon Oat Crunch.  But then I got it home and tasted it.  Bluch!  Oh well, I paid for it, so here I am, munching on good for you plywood.  Well hey, what pregnant lady doesn't need extra fiber, am I right??

The Biggest Looser is pretty much the most awesome show out there.  Nick and I are completely addicted. We don't have cable, so it's a good thing we can watch it on Hulu.  It's become kind of a nightly tradition, curl up on the couch we moved from the living room to be in front of the computer and shout at the monitor because everyone on the show is dang stupid.  Nick wants Rulon to win, but I think he is a dodo.  He sneaks tortilla chips in the night!

Bastian is officially the most whiney kitty in the history of the universe.  He bangs on the door and cries like he is dying everyday.  Then he beats the snot out of Sukisue, and I always find him with clots of her fur in his mouth.  That child needs a serious beating.  Not to mention he pulls toilet paper out of the trash and eats it.  I sure hope Tristan doesn't take after him.

Ah, speaking of Tristan.  I could go 3 weeks early and be perfectly ok with it.  Of course that means I would have a baby in a week and a half.....but hey, I would not mind.  I can't imagine getting ay bigger!  I hardly fit into my scrubs anymore, so the whole world can see my beautiful love handles which I have acquired since being pregnant.  And then I squash myself everytime I get up on my little work barstool.  But really, I have braxton hicks contractions like 40 million times a day, so maybe I will.  Tried going shopping at walmart with Nick the other night (Tangled was completely sold out.....grrrrr.......) and it took us about 30 minutes longer than normal because it felt like I was dragging Rulon through quick sand.  My whole uterus cramps up taking my thighs right along with it.  The things we do for our children.......

And super glue.  It's a great idea to keep your nails together.  I have my R thumb nail that is held together in three places with super glue.  A little weird?  Probably.

And last, scrapbooking has become my Zen.  Expensive as it is, I never realized just how dang crafty I am.  It is soo relaxing and fun.  Then I have to show Nick every single page I make afterwards.  I used to bake like I scrapbook now.  Only, that was when I had 5 roommates who had boyfriends that would eat all my food.  Can you believe Nick doesn't like sweets very much?  It saddens me greatly because I never get to bake pound cake, cookies, sweet breads, coffee cake.....etc.....anymore.  Oh well, I still really enjoy cooking.  But, back on topic.....I can't wait till I have pretty pictures of my baby to put on my already fashioned scrapbook pages!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pregnancy is not for wimps!

Ok, I will be the first to admit it......I....Am....A....Wimp.

I'm sitting in my 34 week appointment with my doctor who also happens to be my employer, and I'm telling her all about the woes of pregnancy which she is more than familiar with.  And I think trying to comfort me and make me feel good about myself, she laughs and says, "well Sara, pregnancy isn't for wimps, it's hard."  I'm glad she can be forward and blunt with me about everything, and I'm also glad that I have this advantage working in health care.  I've learned soo much!  I'm just hoping when the time comes, I won't be the patient calling in and freaking out, but I'll be able to say, hey, here's what I would tell someone calling in.

The last leg of sucks.  Being pregnant and not being able to eat what I want sucks.  Being pregnant, not being able to eat what I want and  But!  Shelly also reminded me that you get something amazing for all of your hard work.  And that something amazing, has a huge head.

Laying in bed this morning I look down at myself and see this softball sized mass sticking out of my stomach.....and it's hard as a rock.  Yep, Tristan takes after his daddy.....haha just kidding.  But the little booger is still breech, and I think it's very unlikely that he will move because he has been terribly stubborn up until now.  So I've been prepping myself for a version, which means doctors will manually try and turn him from the outside.  And if that doesn't work, I will end up with a very attractive scar on my belly that will serve as a memento of my 9 month battle.

My other favorite part about the last few weeks of pregnancy (5 left!) are the Braxton Hicks contractions.  I've been getting them since about 20 weeks (lucky me), but now, they are super fun.  I'll be in the middle of rooming a patient, and I'll try to quick stand up from the computer to take a vital sign and not be able to move.  Then I just look like this 90 year old hunched back woman.  Oh, and I dropped a pen the other day and reached down like a doofus to pick it up and both my hips popped like machine guns....yeah that patient had a good laugh.

I also love how Nick and I will be sitting on the cough together and I will point out Tristan moving.  Then he makes this disgusted but in awe face and goes, "what the crap?!"  So I grab the blanket and cover my belly up, and then he laughs at me.  I guess it does look kinda crazy.  It sure don't feel to great at this point either.

And one more thing.  Finally!  My nails have grown to a respectable length.  And so I painted them all pretty like.  But then two of them broke.  I didn't want to cut them off because then the rest of my nails would look ridiculous, so I held them together with bandaids and then went to buy super glue at the store.  Then I just glued them back on.  Am I silly or what?  Probably, haha

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My kids are crazy

 Tristan has decided he is claustrophobic....and has little fits at least 10 times a day.  Suki has an eating disorder...she never stops.  And Bastian.....well, he's just a nut job.  I think he's starting to realize what's going on and has become increasingly clingly.  He follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom.  If i don't lock the door, he will push it open!  Suki's a little more social too, she just hopped onto the chair behind me and took up the whole thing.  Crazy girl.  Here are some pictures of them from the past week!

 Suki guarding her food

 Bastian catching the camera

 Don't most kitties sleep on their tummies?

 How can that be comfortable?

 I have no idea...

Lounging around

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I've been having such weird dreams lately.....

I have nightmares about breastfeeding, and let's just say it never goes well.  I have dreams about being pregnant still and being able to see actual limbs sticking through my belly and never going away.  I have dreams about trying to hold Tristan and never being able to get it right, and so I end up carrying him around by his feet.

I also have incessant dreams about work.  About me trying to go to the temple and a doctor stopping me at the door and handing me and order or a referral to call on immediately.  Or about trying to draw blood and making a huge mess.  Or about picking up a urine sample and realizing there is a hole in the cup and getting it all over myself.  The worst one was where I went into the lab to put away instruments, and discovered someone hadn't cleaned off the circ instruments before autoclaving them, and instead of using water, had used bar-b-q then I had to redo everything.  And then there are the dreams where the phone NEVER stops ringing.

Maybe I just need to get a better night's sleep.  Which, of course, is slightly difficult when you have to pee every 2 hours.  My poor little bladder.  Sadly, Tristan is still breech, which means his large head is up in my ribcage and his fancy feet use my bladder as a springboard.  I keep telling him he should consider flipping over so he doesn't have to have a bunch of doctors do it for him, but he doesn't listen.  I think he tried it once, got kinda stuck and very frustrated, and then kicked me super dang hard for good measure.  So there I was with a very unsightly misshapen belly being attacked by a 4+ lb monster.  Good thing we have the perfect little shirt to take him home from the hospital in.

At least it shouldn't be too much longer now.  I am getting very ancy and excited, mostly about just being done with being pregnant.  A patient and I were consoling each other a couple days back, and we both agreed that the first thing we are going to do after we deliver is lay flat on our stomachs for a whole day.  But I also can't wait to actually hold my baby.  That is going to be amazing.  And then I'll realize he doesn't just go back to the nursery....haha he comes home with me.  Naw, it's going to be a lot of fun being a mommy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ok, I blame Nick for my wild spending habits.

For Christmas, he got me a scrapbook and some colored pages to get me started.  And well, I just loved it all so much, I went a little crazy and pretty much used most of it within a few weeks.  So of course that meant I needed to get more.

Then, for Valentine's day, he took me to Joann's and we discovered their perpetual 40 % off everything sale, which meant lots and lots of stickers!  Which of course....I used up.

So!  On my day off, Nick went to school to study and take a test, which left me and the car very lonely.  So we went for a drive, and found ourselves at my new favorite store ever: Hobby Lobby.  There's one up by my sister's house in Riverton, so I've been once or twice.  But I never had occasion to look at scrapbooking stuff till now.  I went with the purpose of picking up a frame for my dad's birthday gift, and discovered they were having a sale......50 % off all frames.  Hehe, I'm a bargain shopper......I can't resist a sale!  So I found the perfect frame for him, then there was this adorable baby one I had to get for a picture of Tristan.....and then another fly fishing themed one I just had to get for Nick.

Then....I wanted to look at the scrapbook section.  Let's just say they had about two more isles more of stuff than Joann's or Michael's.

Yeah, I pretty much walked out of there with way more than just a birthday frame......

Nick hates that picture in the baby frame.....haha, it's one of those "mesh your faces and see what your baby will look like".....hehehehe.  But here are some of my latest creations.

The first pictures we ever saw of each other

Nick and his mommy

Me and my best buds growing up in 2005 and 2007

My grandpa who just passed away last year

Me and my little brother

Of course the children Bastian and Suki

And me and my sisters

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My New Toys

Maybe I should be a chef.  I love cooking and baking, especially for other people.  I just hate school.

A couple weeks back my dad sent us a dutch oven, and it is my new favorite thing to cook in!  Yesterday I had a much needed day off of work and decided to cook something spectacular.  So I went to Walmart and piled an assortment of cooking items in my cart.  It probably looked very stereotypical.....pregnant woman with a cart chalk full of food.  Ah well.

First, I layered the bottom of the dutch oven with white beans.  Then I poured a mixture of water and chicken seasoning over them, and sprinkled mushrooms and onions (green and sweet) over top.  Next, I put a couple turkey breasts in and laid bacon over the whole thing.  It baked for an hour, making our house smell divine, and then Nick and I devoured the whole thing!

A few days back, I did something similar with chicken, rice, chicken stock, onions and mushrooms and assorted spices.  It's amazing how tender and tasty everything comes out!  Seriously, I don't think my dad realized what an awesome gift he gave us!

My other new toy is  They have this awesome thing called 'recipe of the day'.....haha I know, I'm ridiculous.  Anyhoo, so I check out this recipe of the day on a regular basis, and pretty much use the site for any and every recipe I'm curious to make.  Today it was baked potato soup.  And wouldn't you know?  I had every ingredient!  So I whipped up a pot of creamy goodness and made my husband super happy.

Now I really feel like baking cookies.  And some cake bites.  To my dismay, I found them as a recipe of the day....oh well, it's going to be a lot cheaper making them for myself!  Haha

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Really? Only 60 days left?

I know I want a healthy baby, but could D-day come any slower???

I think I've finally hit the pregnancy brick wall.  I'm completely dead.  I'm tired all day because Tristan keeps me awake all night.  If this is a pattern for what is to come, it most certainly will not do!  And then, I bought some new scrapbook stuff yesterday and came home to celebrate.  I was on the floor for about 3 hours making new pages and pretty much couldn't feel my butt when I finally did get up.  My favorite is when I drop something and completely forget I have a belly, so I bend down real quick to grab it.....haha sure doesn't work.  Sunday was pretty depressing.....none of my pre-pregnancy dresses all.  I tried zipping one up and didn't make it very far.  Settled for a skirt and shirt that made me look like a walking tent instead.

But on the bright side, working where I do has made me very thankful for a normal pregnancy (knock on wood) thus far.  I have seen so many girls be super sick the whole time, or have babies with problems.  And here I am, just complaining that my back hurts and I can't sleep.  I'd say that's pretty good.  That and my cravings will never be satisfied (blended caesar salad anyone?).

Good thing is, I've only got 60 days left, but I'm going to tell myself 50.  I had a dream last night that my doctor decided to induce me 3 weeks early because she was tired of me complaining at work!  Haha it was great, but I doubt it will happen.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Taxes, A Pork Roast and Hand and Foot

Nick and I have a bad habit of staying in bed all weekend lately.  He says it's got to be my pregnancy hormones making him tired.  Haha, probably huh?  After getting half of my toenail brutally ripped out, I didn't sleep a wink on Friday night, so I didn't have a problem sleeping all day.  We did go to my sister Faith's Saturday night.  She and her husband Ron invited us over to have dinner and do taxes.  So glad he does that for us!!!  I also made a huge pan of peanutbutter chocolate brownies that were gone within a matter of minutes!

It's always fun to go up and visit family, we chatted, played games, ate food.  My favorite was when we played Clue and the rules kept changing by the minute.  My nephew Kendal ultimately won that one.  And we also played Catch Phrase, where you'd better watch your nose because the little prompter things tends to get thrown as the timer starts to quicken.  I'm happy to say that Faith and I won that one!

Then last week, we got a package in the mail from my parents.  My dad is so cute.  He sent us a dutch oven, and when I called to thank him for it, he said he remembered randomly that I didn't have one and decided to get it for us!

So I told Nick we needed to celebrate with a pork roast.  Mmmmm pork.  Very bad for you, but oh sooo tasty!  After an eventful church full of pokes and jabs to my defenseless ribs, we ran home and started chopping veggies: onions, potatoes, mushrooms.  Then we threw everything into the dutch oven and let it slow cook for 4 hours, filling our house with the aroma of extravagant deliciousness.

We invited Karl and Amber over to help consume our celebration.  Even in the blender, it tasted amazing.  Nick has decided we are cooking the rest of our meals in it from now on, haha.  Amber provided dessert by making lemon bars from scratch that everyone loved and went back for seconds of.

After dinner, we settled down to play games.  First we played this supper hilarious game called Bubble Talk, where you vote on captions for random pictures.  The best one had to be a close up of a dog's butt with the winning caption of "if you love it put a ring on it".  Then, we played a couple rounds of hand and foot, a card game that is super addictive.  Amber and I have been on a complete losing streak for the last, oh I don't know, 10-15 games.  It's been pretty sad.  So we were determined to come out on top.

Sadly, we lost the first two....again.  but!  made a spectacular come back and put the boys in their place by winning the next two!  Good thing it was time for bed after that, I was happy to end on a winning note.  Hahaha.

I am so grateful for amazing family and friends!  And Dairy Gold chocolate milk....teehee

Friday, March 4, 2011

A whole different perspective

So, if you are squeemish, this probably isn't the post you wanna be reading.

Last night, I noticed my big toe was hurting pretty badly.  I get ingrown toenails all the time, but it doesn't take too much to fix them and make them better on my own.  This one, yucky, happened to be all inflamed and infected.  And well, being pregnant, I could hardly reach to take care of it myself and ended up doing more damage than good.  Yeah, I ripped off the top portion of my nail, leaving the ingrown part intact.

So!  I just added myself onto the schedule at work and decided my doctor could do a better job.  And I asked Nick to be there to hold my hand because I'm a bit of a baby.  Funny how I have absolutely no problem inflicting pain and torture on others, but when it comes to me?  I'm such a wimp!

The end of the night comes, and Aaron is like, ok Sara, are you ready?  I give him this kinda, yes but I might cry look, and we all go into the lab.  After he looked at it, he told me that I really needed to have that portion removed and get an antibiotic, and even though I didn't want the shot, I agreed.  Haha, I got to set up for my own procedure and everything.  My  favorite is when he tells a patient, ok, the numbing medicine is going to feel like a little bee sting, a poke and a burn.  Oh my goodness!  I will never laugh at a patient again, and now I have a healthy respect for the ones that don't make noise on the table.  He stuck the needle in and injected the lidocaine and I was like, OH MY GOSH! All the while my sweet husband is holding my hand, telling me what a great job I'm doing.

Then he starts making faces and commenting, holy crap, it's a good thing you can't feel what's going on!  I've seen plenty of toenail removals, I know how brutal they are.  I was laying down though so I didn't flop off the table when Aaron gave me the shot, and decided to just stay there.

When it was all over, I sat up and Aaron showed me the piece of nail that he pulled out.  Sucker was like an iceburg!  70 % was buried into my poor toe!!  He said I should take it home and make an Alaskan eskimo necklace out of it.  Haha, then he did my job and dressed it all up.

It's soo weird being on the other end of things, being the patient and not the assistant.  And holy cow!  That shot BURNS!  I'm really going to do well with child birth huh?  Then again, I have had patients tell me that labor pains were more manageable than a silly toenail removal.   Haha, guess we'll find out in a few weeks huh?  I'll be sure to blog all about that one!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nick's Hobby

Nick has been very proud of his fish tanks lately.  We haven't had a fish die in a few months!  That is great for us, because when we first started, they were killing each other off and we were feeding them the wrong food and killing them......good thing babies aren't as finicky as fish right? hahaha.  But really, our 3 tanks are doing fabulously and I thought I would post some pictures!

We have a 10 gallon with guppies to feed our cichlids and a breeding pair of bushy nose plecos.  We have a 20 gallon with Lake Tanganyikan fish that I like to call Shermahorns because of their grumpy faces.  They are really compressiceps and calvus.  We also have a couple of syndontus catfish in there.  In our big tank, the 56 gallon, we have our giant synodontus catfish, the bichir eel and the crazy cichlids.  We are down to 5 of them, and have had as many as 15 in there before, but they would die, or Nick would take them to school because of how mean they were to each other.  I had a beautiful little fusco who didn't even make it his first night.....he got eaten.  And my purple mpenga, yeah he bloated up and died too.....sad day.  Now, we're pretty sure we have the perfect balance.

Once I can convince the fish the pictures would turn out better if they would hold still, I'll post some!