Thursday, July 21, 2011


So, let's count out loud…..1..2..3…4…….5……5!!  I can't believe it, we are moving as many times in our first three years of marriage as  some people move in a lifetime.  A problem?  Hopefully not this time around.  We got a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment with *gasp* a dishwasher!!!  And bathtub, and disposal, and windows!!  Sweet sweet windows.  Do you have any idea how excited I am?  We just signed the contract and can move in next Tuesday.  Soooooo happy to be leaving the dungeon with the elephants. The last straw was last weekend…..they had a rambunctious party till 2 in the morning.  But when we texted them enough! they pooped their pants, told us we were cramping their lifestyle, and turned on the heat.  Ummm, hello!  Middle of summer, no AC, no WINDOWS and a baby.  Acceptable?  I think not.  So we informed the land lord enough was enough and he agreed.  Super nice guy, he just bought us a new fridge too.  Oh well, like I said, much better deal in this new place, especially since Nick's twin Will is splitting rent with us.  Thats how come we got all the good stuff.

Ahh!!  So excited!!  Well, gotta get ready for work, only 6 more days!!!

House 1

House 2

House 3

House 4

House 5!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Change is good most of the time…..right?  I mean, I'm the sort of girl who likes getting her hair cut, painting the house, cooking something new everyday.  But some change, well, some change is hard.  Nick and I decided it would be best for me to stop working.  It is strange, I never imagined myself as a stay-at-home mom, but I  guess that's what I'm going to be.  It's just been so much harder than we thought with Tristan, not sleeping at night, Nick not getting the hours he should be at work because he has to watch Tristan while I go to work.  So we weighed all the options, and realized it would be better and easier both physically and financially on all of us if I just stayed home.

I'm actually very sad about it.  I have worked at Grandview Family Medicine for the past 3 years, and I have loved it.  I am very good at what I do and I love doing it.  I love helping patients, even if they are crazy sometimes.  I love the other MA's I work with, and the providers.  I have learned so much from my experience there, and it's kinda depressing to think, I'm not going to be drawing blood, or giving shots, or assisting with procedures anymore.  I walked out into the kitchen this morning and said, but Nick, I love my job.  And he pointed at Tristan and said, but you love him more.  You have to realize your priorities in life.  For me, it's Nick and Tristan.  And now I won't have to worry about missing any part of Tristan's childhood, because I'm going to be right there with him.  I won't be seeing Nick as much anymore, but it's what he wants to do.  He wants to be the provider for our family, and I need to let go of my pride and let him be happy doing that.

Even though it's going to be difficult, I'm excited for the road ahead.  I will always be grateful for my time at Grandview.  For my employers who hired me with virtually no experience, and let me grow as an MA.  They trusted me with so much, and I really appreciate it.  I'm going to miss the Christmas party and dodge ball, and I'm actually sad Tristan is going to miss Santa at the Savages.  At least I'll still be able to be a patient (haha it's going to be weird being on the other end) and be able to see everyone still.

So here's to change.  May it take my family where we need to be.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm pretty sure Tristan has made it to bratty stage.  In other words, the period of time where babies just cry for no reason.  It's actually kind of funny.   He was laying on the bed with Nick yesterday morning, and Nick was talking with him all cute like.  Then he laid down next to him, and Tristan freaked out.  he just went beet red and did that screaming so hard I'm not making any noise bit with all his limbs shaking.  The best one though was when he was eating, and Nick sneezed super loud a scary in the kitchen, Tristan got startled so bad that he started crying.  So I was like, Tristan, it's ok! And he made this dopy grin at me through his tears.  What else……?  He's trying his hand at laughing, but he's not too great at it yet.  It sounds more like he is dying, but he makes a huge smile, so we figure it's his attempt to giggle.  He also amuses himself by cooing at nothing in his crib in the middle of the night.  Maybe he's talking to his mobil.  He just keeps getting cuter and more fun by the day.  And when you go "hi" all baby like at him, he responds the same way, it's funny.


I pooped!  yeay!


What are you looking at?

Daddy's boy

Give 'em the laaaazy eye!

Just ate and so happy!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tristan's first fishing Trip

So I thought I would post a couple pictures of our most recent fishing trip.  We went with Nick's professor and two of the girls that work with him in the lab at BYU early in the morning to a river down towards Manti Utah.  There are lots of sheepies out that way, we even  got charged by a sheepdog driving down this gravel road to the parking area, it was pretty crazy.  Nick was funny and thought it would be a great idea to bring Tristan along….I told him it was going to be hard, and I think he finally realized it when he had to carry Tristan's car seat all the way back to the car after we'd hiked down the river a ways.  And I had my first wilderness breastfeeding experience……no idea how the oldenday ladies did it.  But it was still fun, Nick caught a ton of fish, and I think I caught two, haha.  I haven't been fly fishing in about a year, so figuring out how to cast again was interesting.  Tristan happily hung out in his car seat most of the time, otherwise Nick probably would have had him fishing too, haha.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Don't suppose you have flood insurance

What nice neighbors we have!  They flooded our apartment.  Poor Bastan and Sukisue.  After a fun evening hanging out at Karl and Amber's, we came home to find our house smelling musty and damp.  I assumed it was because it was raining outside, but when I went to let the kitties out……I found their back room completely soaked.  There was a huge puddle all over the floor, all the counters and shelves, washer and dryer and carpet was wet, and there was water still dripping from cracks in the ceiling.

Luckily we have a kind landlord who came right over to help clean it up.  So we've had fans going all night, and we had to wetvac all the water up, and now we have to steamclean the carpet……(go figure, toilet water again just like our first place… least it didn't happen in the kitchen this time).  And our house smells like swamp.

On the bright side, Nick did pick out a fun game, and even though we pretty much didn't know what we were doing and kept making up weird rules, we had a lot of fun with Karl and Amber.  And Karl's mom apparently made some amazing tasting food, and she watched Tristan while we played, so that was nice.  I can't believe how big their baby Isaac is already!  He's going to pass up Tristan I know it.

And Tristan…..oh that boy.  Haha, he is adorable, but he is being a booger about his head and neck.  Ever since his little muscle spasm episode, his whole body had been torked to the side he doesn't favor.  And he gets mad every time we try and straighten him out.  Hopefully we'll be able to get him into his physical therapist sooner and figure out what's going on; until then, it's going to be tummy time all the time.  He just needs to build up some muscles, that's all.  He's just kinda lazy, haha.  Cute, and lazy.  And a hog, that boy can eat!  Which is good because he's getting the baby chub all over that's making him adorable.  I can't wait till he can sit up and crawl, and reach for and play with toys.  He does love his mobil, which is hilarious.  This $5 piece of plastic holds his attention like there's no tomorrow.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Fattest Kid on the Playground

Yesterday Nick and I were at Petsmart to get an airstone for our 20 gallon tank, and also discovered the cat towers were on sale for privy card carrying members.  So we couldn't resist the chance to spoil our other children and brought one home.  Sadly, they are still working on figuring out what the darn thing is for.  We stuck Suki on the top perch, and she went around in circles for 5 minutes rocking the tower back and forth trying to figure out how to get down.  Bastian is pretty scared of it, at least Suki plays on it.  Its funny hehe.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


surprisingly, Tristan did very well at the doctors.  Screamed for a few seconds after he got poked and was over it.  He's getting so big too!  Almost 12 lbs, 24 inches long and still a decent sized head.  His body has started to catch up to his noggin.     Apparently, he was a beast when Nick got him home though.  Wouldn't stop fussing, wouldn't eat well, wouldn't sleep.  Poor baby.  He's completely zonked out in my arms right now.  Hopefully by tomorrow he'll feel better.

Krinkle paper!

Ok, I'm ready

Just before the other MA's Melissa and Rachel came 
in bearing gifts of pain and torture.  Haha I love my job

Sorry Baby

Today is the day you go in for torture.  Yep, Tristan gets his first set of shots.  I didn't used to think it was that big a deal, I'd laugh at patients when they got all emotional after their baby got poked and would cry.  I would be like, eh, they won't remember a thing!  Come on now!  But after Tristan had his little muscle spasm episode the other day and cried like he was being ripped in half, I felt so bad, I almost cried too!  So I'm not sure what sort of reaction either one of us are going to have today, it's going to be interesting.  But here are a couple funny pictures.

Froggy Baby

Still working on that physical therapy….

So happy

Tummy time!

Tummy time made him urrp…...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nick had a little fun with the camera

And got some shots of Tristan not at his best….hahahaha

ok, I took this one

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Boys and their Toys

On Saturday, Nick and I met up with Karl and Amber to race RC cars, which for some silly reason say on the packaging that they are not toys.  Amber calls them antitoys, haha.  But it was pretty fun, our husbands can be kinda silly.  We'd be talking mommy stuff, and we'd hear a "ahem!" which meant, "hey, we are ready to race, someone count down."  They got about half an hour of race time in before their batteries died.  I would try it, but since we always go to a parking garage, Nick is afraid I'll smash the car on a pillar…..which I probably would.  Ah well, maybe I'll get my own to destroy.

Then we went shopping.  Nick decided my flower display in the front room was ugly.  No idea why.  I'd actually bought them for him shortly after we were married to show him how to buy a girl flowers.  Anyhoo, so he had retired the flowers to the closet and said we could go pick out new ones.  We ended up going to Michaels to get different ones.  Nick is actually very good at floral arranging, I was impressed.  When we got them home, he also put the vase together, and it's very very pretty.

Old flowers

New flowers

After a long and poopy night with the booger (he didn't want to sleep for some reason), I woke up achey and sick.  Nick took my temp and it was 102.  We tried again a minute later and it was 101, still a fever, and I felt pretty yucky.  So glad I have a bunch of doctors at my disposal, so I called one of the PA's, told her my symptoms, and she called me in an antibiotic.  One of the joys of breastfeeding is that you can get mastitis, a lovely infection that makes you feel sick as a dog.  So my weekend has been ruined.  Hopefully I'll feel better by Tuesday because I have work.  Otherwise, I'll be in bed.  Which is pretty much where I have been all day.  Yeay for motherhood!

Just kidding, I love my little guy, he's perfect.