Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last days of Freedom

 This is it.  It's down to my last few days of freedom.  Last few days of just me and Nick.  Last time I will ever be alone again……, that didn't sound at all scary.

Monday or Tuesday (though I hope Monday!) I will be able to hold my little boy.  Is that crazy or what?  Still trying to figure out what to do on Saturday to celebrate, and still trying to mentally prepare myself for giant needles in my back.  I know I know, I'm an MA.  But hey!  It's completely different when you are the patient!  I like being in control of the situation, and when I check in on Monday, I am not going to be.  But at the same time, I couldn't imagine being one of those girls who just has to wait to go into labor on her own.  Hahaha I know that's how it usually happens, but I'm just getting far too impatient.

Everything is set up and ready to go, now we just need the baby to complete the deal.  Ah!  So excited!

Tristan's corner in the process of being organized

The sweet dresser! Complete with Mickey mouse and choochoo

His bassinet and cow stuffie


And more diapers……yummy

Nick setting up the swing

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A great weekend!

I love hanging out with family.  I'm soo glad that Nick's family and I get along so well, I always hear horror stories from other people about their inlaws, but you know what?  I'm convinced I have the best inlaws out there!

After all the todo with Nick's graduation, the men and women separated on Saturday to have fun.  I guess the boys went bug collecting among other things, but the girls had a day shopping and spa treatment!  First my other two mommies and granma took me to a nail place where we got manicures and peticures!  It was amazing.  I got to relax in a massage chair with my feet soaking in a jetted foot bath, and then got pretty pink polished toes.  Nick always says I have Ninja Turtles toes so I am proud to say that while everyone else had the toe dividers for their polish, I did not need it haha.  Then we had lunch and Zupas, a very quaint little sandwich shop that has amazing food, and I got a ColdStone.

I have been wanting something to organize baby stuff with, and Nick suggested we go to Ikea and see if they had any little baby dressers.  So to Ikea we went.  We wondered around looking at all the options when Nick's mom spotted the perfect little dressers.  It only stood about 2 feet high and had 3 draws and was $30.  What a steal!  So we bought two.  Nick was soo proud.  Not to mention, Tristan will be able to use them both in his room eventually so I was happy about it as well.  We also went to Joanns for scrapbooking and FYE to look at movies.

That night we all went to a Mexican restaurant called Milagros up in Orem that tasted divine, and came home to hang out and play games.  It was a very nice and relaxing day!  Thank you mommies and grandmommy!

Easter Sunday was amazing!  I love cooking, and I was on cloud 9 that I had so many people to cook for!  Nick's mom is way cute.  She had hidden Easter eggs around the house for us to find when we woke up, but Nick found most of them haha.  For dinner we had apricot Ham, garlic red mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, monkey bread, deviled eggs and an assortment of appetizers like shrip and cookies.  I must say my monkey bread was a huge hit, which made me feel amazing hehe.  *head swells*

Everyone left us on Monday, which was sad.  I loved having family around.  It's also a little depressing that they are all going to miss Tristan, who by the way will DEFINITELY be here either Monday *crosses fingers* or Tuesday of next week.  Nick and I finished organizing and putting everything together last night, so now we are just waiting for him to make his debut.  And my goodness, I am soo ready for it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A couple more pics from graduation

Here are a couple more pictures from our exciting long weekend together!  Family is all leaving us today, so it's very sad, but we'll have a new addition in just 7 more days!!!!!  Well, unless all the walking and running and jumping in place I did actually works…..

The whole crew 

Coming up the stairs after getting his degree

Standing outside the Marriott Center

Cooking Easter Dinner

Nick and his mom and dad

Out to dinner

We had Mexican…..mmmm!

Nick's mom doing my hair, I got the beauty tx all over!

Playing the Great Dalmuti

Official college graduate

Nick and me….I can't wait to be skinny again

Nick and his mommy

Sitting around chatting

Friday, April 22, 2011

Graduation Day!

Today was pretty exciting, and we've been building up to it for a few years now.  Nick was able to graduate from BYU with his Bachelors Degree.  His parents and grandparents are in town to celebrate with us, and it has been a lot of fun spending time with them.  I'm very proud of Nick for what he has accomplished, and I know he will continue to go far in his education.  He's very ambitious and passionate about learning, and I hope Tristan grows up to be just like him.  I've never been incredibly good at school, I love learning, but then you have to test me on the darn stuff and I stink at that.  So I'm very glad Nick enjoys school soo much!  Here are a couple (some very blurry sorry!) pictures from commencement and convocation.  Let's just say my butt was numb in a matter of minutes in those silly bucket stadium seats!

Parading graduates

There were some 6000 students graduating

Elder Scott gave an awesome talk

Nick's family
(mom, Diane (step mom), YesYes (grandpa), granma, dad)

Sitting and waiting

Sitting and waiting somemore….my brother Phil joined us the 2nd day

Nick is right in the middle

I tried to get a picture but he ducked behind this dude here

Nick and his grandparents

Nick and me

Nick me and Phil

Nick and his mom and dad

Nick and his mom

Nick and his Dad and Diane

The only thing I regret is that my little baby made me look like a puff ball for the pictures….haha oh well.  Just 9 more days!  Congratulations my husband!  I love you!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


he's still breech!  which means I still get to try a version and be induced on the 2nd!  I feel soo much better now….I was worried I'd have to be pregnant for another month!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Worst Day Ever

So, minus being at work for a 12 hour shift……I got another cervical check… which Shelly tells me she is pretty sure Tristan is head down.

I think I almost started crying.  Tears of joy?  No…….sadly.  Because, if he really is head down, I have to be pregnant longer.  Well, there is always that slim chance of me going into labor on my own….but not likely because this is my first.  Meh…..breech baby is 100 % guarrenteed C-section unless you get a version then it is only 25% which is the same as a vertex baby.  So I would be happy about not having such a high chance of C-section, but at the same time, I AM SO DONE WITH THIS!!!!  Silly baby, I wish you would make up your mind.

Until then, I'm going to do a million jumping jacks, run up and down the stairs at work and drive over every possible bump in the road.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Treats!

Today, my friend Amber and I got together to hang out while our husbands worked on finals.  We went baby shopping and scrapbook shopping, and then decided to make some yummy Easter treats.  Pregnant women and food, they go together like bacon and eggs!  So glad I have such a good friend to be pregnant with, haha its great to be able to console each other.

So we got Fruity Pebbles, marshmallows, jelly beans, and some plastic Easter eggs.  And we made hidden surprise krispy eggs!  What you do is make the regular krispy treat recipe and smush it into two halfs of plastic Easter eggs.  Then, you make little holes in the center of each side, add whatever candy you want to be in the middle, and squish the sides together.  It was rather messy, but they look soo tasty, and from Amber snacking on them while we worked, I gather they were pretty tasty too!  I'm excited to try one....haha I hope it blends well!

Amber mixing the marshmallow and cereal

It's going to be a pain cleaning this pan.....

The messy counter!

Beautiful finished product

And the hidden surprise inside!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

False Alarm......kinda

So, I spent the evening at Labor and Delivery was immensely exciting.

I had my normal 36 week check up, and also got an ultrasound to confirm that Tristan is breech.  The tech noticed a couple things were measuring off, like his size and fluid and heart rate, so since my doc is out of town, her PA called over to perinatology and they recommended that I come in right away to be monitored and have other testing done.  They also told me I could probably be sectioned that night.  So of course I freaked out, but being me, remained completely calm and collected.  Well, minus the nervous laughter and hair twirling....  Nick did a pretty good job hiding his nervousness too.  We both had a good giggle though when they put me in a delivery room and handed me a gown and super sexy mesh panties to don.

Then I just got to lay in a bed, super uncomfortable because they had one side propped up with a rolled up towel, and be hooked up to a fetal monitor.  It was cool though so see just how many contractions I was actually having....not that they were doing anything.....oh well.

Then I got another ultrasound.  They unhooked me and I got to ride in a wheelchair wearing nothing but an open hospital gown and mesh panties all the way across the hospital to the radiology department.  Lets just say it was incredibly awkward.  But this tech had a little more reassuring things to say.  He basically said measurements are tech subjective and we'd have to wait on the radiologist report.  So after that, back up to labor and delivery to be hooked up again and wait on the perinatologist to decide section or go home.  Nick rented Shrek 2 from the hospital media whatever, so we didn't have to just stare at the wall.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she called and said she felt comfortable after the testing they did with me going home.  She apologized for freaking us out by having us come over, but that she wanted to make sure.  If he really had been measuring exactly as we found in my office, she said she would have taken him right away.  Which is scary, little boys don't do as well as little girls when they are early.  But she is having me come on Monday to have a version, which is where they will try and flip him over.  His head measured a couple weeks bigger than his body, which I guess is normal for breech babies, so this could be exciting.

Here are some awesome phone pictures we took!

Nick on the couch about to take a was a long night!

Me hooked up to a fetal monitor....looking super excited

The monitor, top is baby heart rate bottom is me contracting

Yeah we walked in and saw that and had mini panic attacks....

But wow, too much stress for me!!!  Nick said he was impressed with how composed I stayed the whole time, and really, so am I.  If nothing though, we know now what to be prepared for, what to bring, where everything is, that they have a lot of movies to rent......haha it was good practice.  But I am glad nothing happened last night!  I thought I was ready to have a baby right now.......but yeah I can wait a few more weeks!!!!

What a cute little grumpy face!  He's probably not too happy about being squished right now, haha

Monday, April 11, 2011

Newest Addition!

So we are animal people........

Today Nick brought home three baby girl leopard geckos (I guess the only daughters we will have besides Sukisue) and got them all fixed up in a nice terrarium we inherited from the previous tenants in our last apartment.  They are really pretty, but very skittish and shy still.  Nick tried feeding them some crickets tonight but they didn't really want to come out from their little cave.  They'll get better as they get bigger I guess.  I've never owned reptiles before, so this is going to be interesting.  Their tank looks a little bland for right now because they are just babies.  I'm excited to be able to dress it up with all sorts of plants and stuff and give it a lot more curb appeal.

You know how much easier it would be if humans could lay eggs?  Forget the whole pregnancy thing and having your internal organs disrupted, I'd rather sit on a nest!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Exciting Weekend

I am realizing how close to being completely and totally occupied we are.  So this weekend we went on a drive up to Salt Lake to have a little last minute fun.  As you know, Nick and I have a hobby of keeping fish tanks.  He had found a couple little aquarium stores up in Sandy area that we wanted to go and check out.  They were actually decent, nothing compared to our usual aquarium store in Draper, but we ended up adding two new little guys to our 20 gallon tank.  They are called shell probably guessed, they dwell in shells.  Haha, we had a couple before, but they got eaten.....these we couldn't pass up because  they were full  grown.  There's some conflict in the tank right now though because our newcomer from a weekend or two before pretty much hates them.  So we had to do some fancy decorating to give them all separate spaces.

Then we realized we were foodless and went to Sam's.  Nick also decided we should add to our store of diapers so we bought a couple boxes of diapers and wipes.  The lady at the door that checks receipts looked in our cart and went, what are those for?  I went all red as Nick pointed to my belly and said, for him.  Then she was like, she's tinier than a little water mellon!  Haha, I guess I should be flattered.  I pretty much feel huge though.

And happy Sunday, I decided I wanted to make a pretty Easter display.  So last week I had gotten a couple things of egg dye, a basket and some eggs.  I like my eggs to last a while, so I poke holes in them and blow all the goo out.  I'd done it before in college, my roommates and I then hung them from the ceiling and there they remained for the rest of the semester.  Phil came over to visit tonight, and when he and Nick walked in he door, I was sitting at the table blowing the eggs out making all sorts of funny noises.  Haha, then end result was very pretty though, cuz I also covered them in glitter.

And the last thing we did was watch the new Narnia movie.  I must say I was very impressed!  I loved the line in the end where Aslan tells Lucy and Edmund that in their world he has another name and they must come to know him by that name.  He said that knowing him in Narnia for a little while would help them to know him better in their world.  I never imagined to see something like that in a mainstream movie and I loved it.  I think there need to be more movies out there that point people to Christ because media is so used and accessible.  Plus it was a breath of fresh air.  C.S. Lewis had an amazing understanding.  If you haven't read Chronicles of Narnia, you really should take a look!  The last paragraph of the last book is amazing. 

Anyhoo, gotta go help Nick.  We are animal people....tonight we are setting up a terrarium for our newest additions:  a couple leopard geckos!  I'll have some awesome pictures of them tomorrow, fear not. Goodnight all