Monday, January 31, 2011

New furniture yeay!

Thank heavens for pell grants and medicaid!......They allow poor people like us to reproduce and add our infallible genetics to society.  And!  Finally purchase a bedframe.  Yes, after two years of marriage, Nick and I decided it was time to stop sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  Our first experience was with RC Willey.  Now, don't get me wrong, they have proven wonderful in the past and have helped me establish credit.  But!  Unfortunately, the sleigh bed that looked dazzling on the showroom floor was kinda dim and defective halfway set up in our bedroom.  So, my dear husband promptly took it back, and I slumped into a depression.  Still, I was determined.  Sadly, once I get something in my head, nothing seems to satisfy me until that thing is taken care of.  So, relying on the advise of my brilliant boss Angie, I looked up Knight's furniture and saw they were having a clearance sale.  Nick was wise enough to call and ask them to stay open an extra fifteen minutes so we could go take a look after I got off work.  And I tell you that sale's man made his commission with us!  It took us a whole hour to decided, especially since Nick had to shake and test every bedframe's integrity that we checked out.  We ended up with a steal though, spending less than we did at RC Willey for a much prettier frame that I am completely satisfied with.  Rock on my husband, you have great taste!

Another thing my wonderful husband surprised me with was a glider rocking chair.  I'd always wanted one since I was a kid, and now with the impending addition to our family, he thought it would be the perfect time.  Again, we first looked at RC Willey.  Unfortunately, they wanted to charge us $500 for a chair and ottoman!  How rude!!  Not to mention, they didn't have anything in a suitable color.  So, we skipped next door to Babies R Us and found the perfect set for $200 less.  The color reminded me of baby barf at first, but then it dawned on my what a smart purchase that would be.  "Ok Nick, you have to try it out as well.  You're going to be sitting in it just as much as me!"  Gliders, what a marvelous invention.  I could sit in that chair all day!  Good thing too, because I bet I will be with my little Tristan.

Then my sister Becky did a bad thing and told us Kohl's was having a sale.  Ok, so it's not furniture, but still a brilliant use of baby grant money.  She told us we should go stock up on winter baby clothes.  It was a great idea, and Nick and I kinda ran wild with it.  Everything was just so darn cute!  And when we got to the register, and I was chewing my nails waiting for the final cost, I was shocked to see we actually saved more than we spent! Unbelievable, we would have spent over $400 dollars on Tristan clothes, but we only spent about $ I love Kohl's!  Now I just can't wait to play dress up with my little baby doll.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bastian and Sukisue

When I graduated from BYU-Idaho, I decided to get myself a couple kitties to keep myself company.  Conveniently, my roommate Annifer's future husband lived in town and had a cat who'd just had kittens.  I picked out the two cutest, named them Momo and Suki.  Up until I moved to Utah, I would take them to the park every day because they weren't allowed in my BYU housing.  Then, with my friend Emma, we lived at my sister's house in Riverton until we found jobs and an apartment in Provo.  Now....Momo was a menace, and it soon became apparent that indoor living was just not for him.  Even though they were harnessed and leashed during the day, Momo always found a way to wriggle out and eat anything and everything he could my chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter chocolate he went right back to my sister's house to live in the back yard.

Suki stayed with us, happily spending her days eating, sleeping, and chasing little furry mice toys around the house and even playing fetch with them.  About a year after Nick and I got married, I was at work finishing the day when a patient mentioned to the front desk there was a cat outside trying to get into people's cars.  I peaked out the window and saw the most adorable little fluff ball in the world.  I still had about half an hour before I could leave, but I hoped he would still be out in the parking lot when I left.

Sure enough, there he was sitting in front of the building when I walked out to my car.  I just couldn't leave that sweet thing in the cold, so I called Nick and begged him to let me keep him.  The cute little booger snuggled up in my lap, and even my boss drove by and said I should keep him.  Of course, Nick said no, but I ignored him and stuck the cat in my car and drove to BYU to pick Nick up.  On the way over, the kitten stuck his head in a glass I'd taken my breakfast to work in, got stuck, freaked out and proceeded to get left over milk all over himself, me and my front seat.  So he wasn't as cute as I'd hoped to present him to Nick.

Long story short, we kept the little booger and named him Sebastian.  He turned out to be quite the financial investment, because after we got him declawed and fixed, he got out of his med collar, pulled out all of his stitches, so we had to take him to the pet instacare and have him re-sewn up.  Good thing he's cute.  Suki hated him at first, but now they are pretty much inseparable, except when they are killing each other in the middle of the night and keeping me awake.

Bastian is pretty much a little dog.  His breed, or at least we think his breed, is Maine Coon.  And they have the personality and physique of a dog.   Unfortunately, Bastian is the runt of the litter.  He still plays fetch, sleeps on his back, follows at your heels like a puppy, and chews on everything.  We finally got him a dog rope after he ate three of my socks.  That seems to keep him happy.  Suki turned into a fat lard that sleeps all day and only pays us any mind when she hears the familiar crinkle of her food bag.  But I still adore them and call them my little children.  Boy, they are going to be jealous when Tristan finally gets here.....

I gave in and got a blog....

So....happy Sunday!  Such is my life that when we got home from church, I sat down at the computer immediately to check my email and see just who loved me.  Then I made some comment about a friend's blog, and my husband said to me "Why don't you start a blog?"  Sure, why not!  I've got plenty to say about myself, and Nick will be thrilled when i post pictures of him fishing eventually.  And so I welcome my husband and myself to the blogging universe, and even though I'm not terribly technologically savvy, hopefully it will turn out ok.

Almost six years ago now, Nick and I, even though he will deny it, met online.  Yes, we met on MSN messenger.  Ok, it wasn't like we wandered into some random chat room and started gabbing to each other about how wonderful we were.  One of my dear friends happened to become acquainted with Nick during their freshman year at BYU.  I was talking to him, and Nick got interested and wanted to talk to me.  And that's how it all started.  For four months, we would talk almost religiously, making silly mock plans to one day meet in person.  I had waited a semester after graduating high school, and so I didn't head down to college until the end of Nick's first semester.  We met up in the SLC airport and fell madly in love with each other.  Then I went to Idaho, and he went to Provo.  Darn those long distance relationships.....

Just a few months later, Nick went on his mission to Honduras where he spent the next two years spreading the gospel.  I happily continued studying, changing my major from classical singing to medical assisting.  Nick and I decided that would be a more practical option so I could support him while he was in school since there was NO doubt that we would be married when he returned home.  

Hey, it works for some people!  Nick and I were married four short months after he came home from his mission, and life has been nothing but adventure since then.  We have moved four times, gone through numerous fish and other little mammal pets.  We have been in five different wards and met our share of interesting characters while navigating through Happy Valley, but! nonetheless, it has been a blast thus far. Nick studies biology, and I work as a medical assistant, just like we planned.

And now, we are expecting our first baby in May.  According to Davis family tradition, it is a boy, and we are very excited to start this new chapter in our lives.