Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little venting

Sad day

I finally got a picture of Tristan smiling.  I mean really smiling!  And when I was trying to download it, my camera fell off the desk and disconnected, ruining almost all the pictures I had on my memory card.  Then the computer wouldn't recognize my camera  until I deleted all the corrupted files off the camera.  It was super stinky.

I've decided.  I used to be all feminist and wanting to work and not stay home…….but after having my little guy, all I want to do is be with him.  Even though I can hardly get anything done around the house while he is awake!  He's a very needy little baby.  But so dang cute!  I wish I could show you the smily picture…..oh well, I'll just have to be stealthy and get another one.  But really, your priorities change when have a baby.  And it's so hard to work and be breast feeding.  I have to take almost half an hour every 3 hours to pump while I'm at work…..really starts to cut into your pay……that and I feel silly having to ask people to cover for me.  It's like, asking someone to cover while you go to the bathroom because you know you are going to be awhile….do I really have to tell everyone about my pumping???  I'm not embarrassed to be breastfeeding, just it's kind of a personal thing.  Excuse me while I go relieve myself of my mucosal secretions……ah well.  The joys of being a working mom.  I can't wait till Nick can work and I can stay home.  Unfortunately, in today's world, you have to be independently wealthy to do something like that.  Or not mind living in poverty.  Don't think I could hack it.

That and I live in a pigsty.  Tristan and work take up so much of my time, I've started to neglect the necessities of life….like clean clothes and dishes, and a good home cooked meal.  My sink smells putrid and even Nick has started drinking Boosts.  It's rather pathetic.  I need to learn to prioritize…  and function on little to no sleep.  If Tristan gets me up to eat more than once a night, I end up sleeping in till an hour before I go to work.  And last night, he decided he was hungry at 2, 4 and 7.  I really wish he'd do the sleeping 6 hours thing more often.

On the bright side, we went to physical therapy today and his therapist said he is doing well.  His little head is still a tiny bit misshapen, and he still favors his left side.  But he is improving.  Especially now that he is starting to interact more.  He pays attention to lights, sounds, moving toys and things.  And he giggles and coos back and for with me and Nick, it's really cute.  He was kind and sat in his bouncer tonight long enough for me to clean up his room, wash some dishes and make dinner.  I felt so accomplished.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Now and Then

And look how much he has changed, in just two months!  Crazy

A couple cute shots

So, I seem to be obsessed with taking pictures of my baby……he's just so darn cute!  And If I can't scrapbook them all, I've got to put them somewhere.  Hehe

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nick's new Car body

A couple weeks ago, Nick bought an RC car, and then decided he wanted to get a new body and paint it himself.  Here is the original…..

And here is the new…..

Pretty sexy eh?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Look what I found!

I found some ooooold pictures when I was downloading some stuff off Nick's camera, thought I would share them.  These are from 2008 and 2009…..minus the last one

No idea, looks like someone was kind and made them food haha

Nick and Karl had a fishing trip and Nick got hungry I guess

So I cooked the fishies for them and their roomies when they got back

Karl seemed to like it, haha

And I fell asleep afterwards

Nick's beast on one of our fishing trips on the Provo River

Amber caught a beast in the same spot later that year!

And the famous buttwipe…..rock on Bastian

Great Saturday

Today, Nick and I went on an adventure.  He had some bugs to collect for his masters, and Tristan and I came along for the ride.  And it was a scary one.  Let's just say I do not like riding in the backseat, doesn't matter who's driving.  Especially when it's up a mountain and the road is nothing but narrow switchbacks overlooking steep cliffs.  Not my favorite….I get carsick and very nervous.  But obviously we made it out alive, so good job Nick.  We went to a place called Cascade Springs, where I got a chance to practice some photography while Nick plucked little shrimp looking thingies out of the water.  Then we went to Park City and did the same thing.  Tristan and I just strolled around waiting.  When we got home, Nick took my little bro Phil to do some clothes shopping and Tristan and I took a much deserved nap!  After Nick got home, we went to Karl and Amber's to hang out for a bit.  Nick had just bought a new body for his RC car and wanted to show it off and race with Karl.  Amber and I hung out and chatted about the joys (woes) of being new mommies.  So glad we can still whine and laugh with each other, it's not about pregnancy anymore but about our darling little babies.  I still can't believe how tiny their little Isaac is!  But he's dang cute.  We ended up all vegging on the couch watching Wimpy Kid because the RC cars sucked up rocks and quit working right.  

Tristan is still doing great in his room.  He slept for 6 hours straight last night!  Nick and I also decided to do some interior decorating, so we went out and bought material to make curtains for Tristan, super dang cute Monkey cloth, and we bought curtains for the living room an dour bedroom at walmart.  I think it's going to look great once we get it all done.  Now I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep and a relaxing sunday.  Here are some of the pictures I took on our little outing!  

Clear water

Water vegitation

Snap dragons?

Can you spot the trout?

Beautiful waterfalls

More trout!

Rock staircase we didn't go up….stroller….

Upper waterfalls at the spring

Nick collecting bugs

Me and Tristan

Daddy's Boy

Nick and Tristan

Such a long car ride!

But he always sleeps…teeehee

Finally home

And loving the mobil

Trying not to fall asleep

The roses my dad gave me all dried

Nick's new car body

Tristan watching Veggietales….haha don't worry, we're not 
trying to get him addicted, it just helps him keep his head
straight because he looks at the light.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kicked Out

So mommy and daddy got a little tired of baby being awake all night…..literally.  So we decided for everyone's sanity that it was time for Tristan to have his own room.  We had been planning to do it eventually, convert our livingroom into his bedroom.  Just we weren't planning on doing it till he was like 9 months old.  Last night, we stayed up super late rearranging the whole house, moving the computer, TV, couches and all of Tristan's stuff around.  It was hard work, but turned out great!  Tristan slept from 1 AM to 4 AM and then to 7 AM and then to 11 AM!  That's a big deal, haha, usually he will just be awake all night.  Three hours of consecutive sleep is a hot commodity in this house.  He would wake up hungry, and I'd feed him, put him back down and he'd stay asleep, what an awesome turn around!  I'm pretty sure it's cuz he can't smell me anymore, the food has changed rooms.  Now we are all rested and happy.  Best day ever!

After a long night…...

New room!

Too close daddy…..

Happily sleeping

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Growing up

SO my little boy has discovered his mobil.  It was pretty funny, I had turned it on hoping it would lull him to sleep, only to find that when it stopped, he would scream.  So I turned it on again, and he would calm down and watch it, and then scream again when it ended.  What a silly kid.  He's becoming so alert, holding his head up, cooing and giggling.  I can't believe how fast he is growing up!  

My little Tristan is almost two months old, it's so crazy.  And now I understand why people would always tell me he looked so tiny.  Karl and Amber had their baby their baby on Sunday, and we went to visit them.  Tristan looked like a beast next to their little guy.  He was so tiny and cute!  I can't believe Tristan was ever that small.  

I also can't believe how hard it is to be a working mom.  Especially a breast feeding working mom.  Finding someone to cover while I run home to get a part of my pump I forgot?  Big ol pain in the butt.  Not to mention when I'm at work I miss Tristan like crazy.  Wouldn't life just be great if we could have it our way all the time?  

Something smells?

Yeah, It's probably me….